5 Great Personal Finance Podcasts You Need to Tune Into


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Learn to make better financial decisions and improve your finance health with these podcasts. 

Podcasts are a great way to tap into expert knowledge at a low cost. There are nuermous finance podcasts in the podcast world that can help you gain a clear understanding of money matters. So, if you are wondering which ones are the best, and looking for a great personal finance podcast to tune into, consider adding these picks to your playlist.

1. Money Wise

The only Kenyan personal finance podcast that I now of. Listen for Insights into personal stories of financial struggles and actionable financial advice for individuals.

Rina Hicks, host of “Money Wise,” speaks of the challenges professionals face with managing their money. As an investment banker, she seeks to educate Africans with the basic tools and knowledge that will help them make sound financial decisions. As a Kenyan podcast, it touches on the real situations on ground and provides the necessary much needed knowledge to bridge the gap for a financially successful life.

2. Afford Anything

The best podcast for learning to make tradeoffs and personal growth. Listen for tips from diverse experts that will help you make the most of any limited resources i.e. time, money and energy. 

Paula Pant, host of “Afford Anything”, interviews experts and answers questions on finance, entrepreneurship, personal development and more on her podcast. She wants her listeners to know that they can “afford anything they want, but not everything”.  A great podcast that answers questions for those who want to live their best life i.e. early retirement, wealth and life maximization, travel and financial independence. 

3. Millennial Money 

The best podcast for millennials. Listen for insights from industry experts and tips to improve your personal finance game. 

Shannah Campton Game, the host of “Millennial Money” features millennial money stories and interviews with industry experts. She also brings her industry knowledge as a certified financial planner giving her own tips on everything from budgeting, savings and traveling. The aim of the “Millennial Money” podcast according to her is to “empower people to realize that you don’t need to go out and double your salary. There are ways you can have an awesome life with just what you’ve got.

Tune in, episodes are released twice a week are about 25-45 minutes long. 

4. So Money

The best podcast for beginners.  Listen for insights from experts and gain actionable financial tips. 

Farnoosh Torabi, host of “So Money,” speaks with entrepreneurial movers and shakers, finance authors and advocates about their experiences with money. In her podcast she seeks to answer to questions listeners have and offers actionable financial advice.

Tune in, episodes are released three times a week, and there are over 900 episodes on various topics already available. 

5. The Dave Ramsey Show

The best podcast for getting out of debt. Listen for an actionable plan to get ahead and achieve debt freedom. 

Dave Ramsey, host of “The Dave Ramsey Show,” offers straightforward advice on how to elimiate debt and move on to achieving your financial goals. His apporach is simple, he encourages listeners to move through a specific set of steps into a particular direction to achieve financial security through debt freedom and wellness. The show also features inspiring stories from listeners of how they worked towards debt freedom. Dave Ramsey is known for the snowball method, a concept that is applied to eliminate debt. So, if you are struggling with debt, this podcast will help you plan and act your way out of it. 

a penny for your thoughts

What do you think of these podcasts? Each one has its merits and great to help you achieve whatever financial goals you may have.

If you are already listening to any of these podcast, leave us a comment and let us know what you think.

Go Forth & Conquer!

Image credits: Top by Pixabay via Pexels.

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Irene Makanga
Irene has an MBA in Finance and is an avid businesswoman, passionate about financial literacy.


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