How to Save Money in 14 Painless Ways


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Haba na haba hujaza kibaba. Every bit counts.

I am one of those people who live well saving with the small stuff but splurge it all in one go beyond what I planned. In my mind, the little things add up quickly and allow me to splurge on the big stuff like collectable items, vacations and such.

Generally speaking, saving money does not have to be hard or painful, but sometimes, it can really take the life out of you. However, there are some painless ways to save money – that are easy and fun too. You really don’t have to miserable.

If you have any questions about these tips, feel free to shot me an email or continue the discussion in the comment section below.

Meanwhile, here are my 14 ways to save money painlessly.

1 – Switch Banks

If you feel you are paying too much in banking fees, then consider switching to a different bank with better interest rates, lower fees and better customer benefits. So if online banking is a priority for you, then consider getting it free and also, ease of depositing and withdrawing money if its important to you.

2 – Pack Lunch

How much do you spend on lunch at work every day? How much would you stand to save if you packed your lunch a few days a week, rather than buy it? If the numbers are right, then consider packing some lunch a few days of the week and save a little more for those elusive financial goals.

3 – Eat at Home

This is a big one. Especially for those of us who are busier than ever and cooking meals at home seems like a waste of precious time. However, home-cooked meals are healthier and much cheaper than eating out or getting take-out. So, consider eating healthier at home and saving some coins. It’s a win-win situation.

4 – Save the Planet

By reducing your own ecological footprint, you can save a lot of money. You can consider:

One, ditching water bottles. For me, this is it. I am big on keeping the environment clean. Always trying to reduce any negative impact I may have on the environment while going about my day to day activities. So getting a reusable water bottle and refill it, is a great way to reduce your plastic waste and also save some money.

Two, walking or riding your bicycle to close locations such as the store, than driving your car. Save on fuel and save the planet.

5 – Improve Credit Score

A good credit score can save you a lot of money in interest on any bank loan you get from a home loan, a car loan, business loan to even credit cards. If you have never focused on your credit score before, work on improving it and then refinance your current debt to save big.

Read more on credit scores: How To Build A Good Credit Score

6 – DIY

Doing something yourself can save you significant amounts of money over time. For instance, instead of buying those baked goods you love, consider making them yourself from scratch. You can also do basic home repairs yourself – no need to call the plumber for a clogged toilet or sink.

7 – Plan Major Purchases

Throughout the year, you may have major purchases to make and planning them will allow you to take advantage of the year sales. For instance, if you are looking to buy a new car – you can start sending work out about your intentions to buy. Who knows, you might find someone willing to sell a great car at a great bargain.

Also, you can always make your next Christmas gifts list at the beginning of the year. Buying throughout the year can help you take advantage of the years offers and feel less pressure during the holiday season. This way, you can save a small fortune from this.

8 – Shop Online

If you can, try to shop online and save on fuel. Online shopping also allows you to take advantage of great deals than purchasing in store.

9 – Unplug Appliances

If you are not using your appliances, turn them off and save big on your electricity bill. We all know how runaway the Kenya Power bills can be, so let’s not give them space to spruce up our bills. To save even more, only purchase appliances consider the energy cost before buying. Although more efficient appliances cost more, you can make up on the cost over the life of the product in saved electricity bills.

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10 – Reconsider Communication Needs

Here we are talking about the internet, phone and even TV needs. Try and manage your expenses or consider switching to another service provider. Luckily, we have many service providers in Kenya – competition is healthy. Though they are not built equally, they get the job done.

11 – Don’t Pay Interest on Credit Cards

This is obvious but many of us fall into the trap of not paying off the credit card in full. We fall into the temptation to spend more than we can pay on the credit cards in the first place. Credit cards are good, but if you can’t adequately manage to pay off the credit in full, consider getting rid of it. If not, the high-interest payments will start to eat away at your monthly budget and pull you into debt.

12 – Haggle

Dare to haggle and negotiate for a better price. Businesses are willing to offer concessions to get a new client or simply retain one. Take advantage of that.

13 – Exercise at home

You don’t even have to worry about how you look soaked in sweat and every muscle is throbbing. Consider kicking that gym membership and put on a workout video on Youtube. If the weather is great – go outside and get some workout in. On weekends, you can take your family for a walk or bike ride at Karura Forest or Arboretum – it costs almost nothing and gets everyone’s heart pumping and health.

14 – Ditch Insensible Friends

Last weekend, a friend posted that she is fed-up of her male friends who keep asking for contributions for their Ruracios. This is a big thing nowadays, whereby people are hell-bent on creating Instagram worthy events and ceremonies at the expense of their friends. So, if you can’t meet their demands, don’t bend over backwards to do so. Just walk away and love them in other ways.

Image credits: Top by Eric Anada via Pexels.

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Irene Makanga
Irene has an MBA in Finance and is an avid businesswoman, passionate about financial literacy.


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