Finance Planner Excel Template w/ Free Checklist

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It’s the ultimate finance planner excel template (with inbuilt financial formulas) that contains a budget planner, spending tracker, savings tracker, debt reduction planner, retirement planner, net worth calculator. You can also measure and analyse your financial performance with our inbuilt key performance indicators. This planner will help you get on track this year to keep your finances geared for success.

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Get Ready for 2020!

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The Finance Planner Excel Template, 8 Sheets
Microsoft Excel | Created by Wealth Architects KE

All in one finance planner excel template with a budget planner worksheet, a savings tracker, a spending tracker, a debt repayment plan with an inbuilt mini debt snowball.  It was designed as a beginner piece that is incredibly easy to use with great instructions and help in getting started. Thus, this finance planner excel template contains all the pieces you need to get started managing your finances!

I have a passion for personal finance and this particular planner was designed to help you understand and manage your finances faster than any paper system available.


A Microsoft Excel spreadsheet designed to be used specifically with Microsoft Excel. Here is what is included:

#1: READ ME instructions on how to use the workbook.

#2: METRICS for financial metric and key performance indicators to measure and analyse your financial performance automatically.

#3: BUDGET WORKSHEET  with 8 budget categories that automatically calculate and a pie chart budget breakdown

#4: SPENDING TRACKER using your budget categories to help you calculate into your yearly spending

#5: SAVINGS TRACKER with 7 goal categories to help you keep track of your savings progress throughout the year

#6: DEBT REPAYMENT PLANNER with up to 7 debt categories can be entered at a time. Avalanche and snowball repayment strategies included.

 #7: RETIREMENT PLANNER to easily visualizes how much you need to save to satisfy your retirement lifestyle.

#8: NET WORTH CALCULATOR to automatically compute your net worth

This finance planner excel template has been designed to calculate automatically. Therefore, there is so no need for your calculator! Let this financial planner do the work for you!

This planner includes a welcome page with instructions on how to use this worksheet and my personal email where you can contact with me any questions or assist in setting up your personal budget.

Interested in this planner but still have a few questions? Reach out to me through [email protected].


A free financial planning checklist to ensures you inventory all your personal finance and give you a snapshot of the health of your bottom line.


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Download the file to your computer and open in Excel.

It’s that easy!!!

May your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears!

Happy 2020!

Wealth Architects

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